insulating house paint

Global Leaders in Insulating Paint Technologyinsulating paints and paint additives insulate,reduce energy costs,save money and improve comfort

The insulating coatings industry is a newcomer to the energy conservation marketplace but is growing at an extremely rapid pace. We at Hy-Tech pride ourselves at being one of the leaders in this industry and are actively seeking partners both in the U.S.A. and Internationally to distribute these state of the art insulating paints and additives.

You will be getting in on the ground floor of this fast moving market and you can be assured that Hy-Tech will provide you with the tools and products you need to succeed in this ever growing industry.

Several different levels of distribution are available and are based on the needs, resources, and abilities of the business or individuals involved.

If interested in the distributorship opportunity, please note that it is very important to have an understanding of our products and how they work. A thorough review of the information we provide on this website would be a wise investment of your time. Please be prepared to provide us with your business / technical background, marketing experience, and any other information relevant to how you feel you would be suited for this venture.

Please do not contact us if:
You have not used the products...
Do not know how the products work...
Cannot answer basic questions regarding the products...

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

For More Information, serious enquiries ONLY can be directed to Distributor Info

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