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Fire Retardant Spray-on Treatment

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Flame Resist

Clear Fire Retardant Coating

Hy-Tech Flame Resist Spray is a clear liquid that when sprayed on wood, Flame Resist prevents the wood from catching fire. Flame Resist Spray is non-allergenic, odorless, non-toxic, VOC free, non-carcinogenic, earth friendly liquid coating.

HY-TECH Flame Resist Spray has had limited worldwide use for over 20 years and has been tested by independent laboratories and major universities for public use.
HY-TECH Flame Resist Spray is easy to use and environmentally safe for all members of the home or office.
The instructions are simple apply a mist and allow to dry.

It can be applied to any absorbent surface.
Using as directed HY-TECH Flame Resist Spray can be applied to any wood including dimensional lumber pine, spruce, fir, hardwood, plywood, all types of wood sheathing and composites.
Other acceptable uses would be for fabric, paper, theatrical sets, Christmas trees, holiday decorations, and straw.
Other areas of use are in attic insulation and roof framing and sheathing of residential homes or office buildings.
By treating materials with HY-TECH Flame Resist Spray, fires can self-extinguished before they cause damage.
Some of the attributes of HY-TECH Flame Resist Spray are as listed:
1. Non-Toxic
2. Odorless
3. Non-conductive
4. Non-corrosive
5. Contains no sulfates
6. Contains no asbestos or other related materials
Does not attract insects, rodents or other pests. It virtually deters their presence.
Must be applied to an absorbent surface, previously stained, sealed or otherwise finished is not acceptable. A simple test is to wet the area with a water saturated sponge, if the surface absorbs the water, it Will accept Flame Resist.
Flame Resist is water soluable and should not be left exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, if left unprotected it will slowly erode away depending on amount of rainfall, humidity etc. Testing here in Central Florida shows that average lifespan, unprotected is 14-18 months then reapplying is necessary. Latex base sealers extend the life considerably and are accepted in most areas. Check with your local fire officials and building department for their requirements.

Spread Rate: 250-300 sq ft per Gallon, will vary depending on absorbency of material applied to
$70.00 Per Gallon

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