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INSL-X Hi-Temp #AL-2402

High Temperature, Heat Resistant Aluminum Coating

A Silicone Aluminum Coating that withstands temperatures up to 800F. Hi-Temp #AL-2402 paint is formulated with a leafing aluminum pigment and silicone vehicle that withstands temperatures up to 800 degrees F (426 degrees C). It is excellent for use on engine headers, manifolds, furnaces, boilers, kilns, metal fireplaces, grills and more. It forms a super durable porcelain-like bond on surfaces at high temperatures and offers excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt spray, oil, grease and humidity. Dries to a very slightly textured silver finish.
*Not recommended for immersion service or on surfaces where continual heat is above 700 Fahrenheit.
*Smokestacks * Furnaces * Heat Exchanges * Breechings * Boilers
 * Steam Pipes * Ovens * Drying Kilns *Manifolds * Exhaust Systems * Stoves * Headers *Machinery casings *Incinerators.

HI-TEMP may not be compatible over some previously coated surfaces such as products with silicone. Proper application requires two thin coats on well-prepared, dry metal surfaces.
To insure compatibility test a small area and check after 48 hours.
PRODUCT LIABILITY: This product is an industrial use only product.
May be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray,
Theoretical coverage at one mil dry is 410 square feet per gallon, and 205 square feet per gallon at two mils dry. Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration when estimating job requirements.
Available in 1 Gal cans
1 Gallon: $139.95...5 Gallon: $699.75
This cannot be shipped by air and there is a $30.00 Hazardous materials fee for ground shipping.

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