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Hy-Tech Cable Coat

Fire resistant Cable Coating HT#87

Hy-Tech Cable Coat is heavy-bodied, water-based coating which is designed to prevent flame spread along the jacketing of electrical (or other) cables, provide a thermal barrier for protection against heat damage.
By diminishing or eliminating this type of damage, Hy-Tech Cable Coat reduces the costs of associated repairs and inefficiencies.
Cable coat is Non-Toxic, Water base, Class "A" fire rated.

Hy-Tech Cable Coat features excellent resistance to weathering and aging and remains flexible indefinitely allowing for cable movement and removal.
It is suitable for indoor or outdoor application.
A safe, non-flammable, latex emulsion, it involves no job-site hazards, mixing, or thinning,
cleanup is accomplished with soap and water.
Product can be applied easily with no extensive training.
Thixotropic-Can be applied up to 20 mils without drip or runoff which facilitates vertical and overhead application.
Certification of Fire Resistance:
This product has been tested by D/L Laboratories and Southwest Research Institute and is certified to have the following characteristics when tested by ASTM E-84
Flame Spread Index..0 ( Conforms To UL 181-A and UL 181-B )
Smoke Developed...0 ( Conforms To UL 181-A and UL 181-B )
Cable Coat can be applied as a relatively heavy film, sprayed or brushed out into a thin, smooth coating. Spread Rate: 200-320 square feet per gallon @ 10-20 mils WFT
Dry Time: to touch 2-4 hours, completely dry in 24 - 36 hours
Available in 2 Gal, 5 Gal, and 55 Gal drums
$49.95 Per Gal...5 Gallon $249.75

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