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The current energy crisis has fueled great interest in insulating ceramic paint and paint additives because of their reflection of radiant heat. In the past property owners who wanted to enjoy lower heating and cooling costs had very few options when it came to increasing insulation in existing homes and commercial buildings. All of that, however, has changed with Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions insulating ceramics for paints and coatings.

In side-by-side heat reflectivity comparisons, Hy-Tech insulating paint products substantially out-performed all other paint systems.  The technology used in these coatings is used every day as refractories in the production of metals, steel, ceramic tile and brick. Ceramics make NASA's space shuttle program possible.

While the list could go on, one can begin to grasp the critical impact that ceramics play in our lifestyle. Hy-Tech insulating paint technology takes on new life and new meaning in an era of rapidly increasing energy costs and the time for you to start saving is Now!

At Hy-Tech the combining of Insulating Ceramics into paint coatings is our specialty. Hy-Tech formulators and chemists, with combined experience in the coatings industry of over 70 years have the technical know how that is required to blend these amazing ceramic microspheres into paint formulations without upsetting the delicate balance of workable paints and coatings. Ceramic Insulating paints and paint additives is our business AND Our Only Business. Many companies are venturing into the insulating coatings industry with no knowledge of paints and coatings and are prompting the buying public into dumping all kinds of inferior fillers into their paint with no regard as to the chemical imbalance they are creating. "Ceramic filled paint" with lightweight glass beads and ceramic waste products that have no insulating properties to them at all. You will see outlandish R value ratings, fact is there are no approved ASTM test procedures for determining the R value of a paint or coating and it is a violation of FTC regulations to do so!
Buy with confidence from an industry leader, a NASA research partner, and start saving on your heating and cooling bills like so many of our customers have...No bogus Tests.. just real savings that real people are enjoying day in and day out.

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions
Insulating Paint Products That Make a Difference!

Insulating Additive for Paint or Pre-Mixed Insulating Paint

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