Paint Ceilings with insulating paint

Painting your interior ceilings with Hy-Tech Insulating Ceiling Paint #110Hy-Tech Acousti Coat #150, or your own paint with the Hy-Tech insulating additive for paint will reduce your utility bills by keeping the heat in your attic up there where it belongs!

Tools and Equipment:
  • Step ladder
  • 3-inch flat brush
  • Canvas drop cloths, plastic tarps or newspapers
  • Spackle for patching holes and cracks
  • Small Bucket to "cut in" with Painter's tape or masking tape
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer if required (new work or water stained ceilings)
  • Cleaning rags and a bucket of clean water
  • Roller frame (with extension pole)
  • Roller cover 1/2" nap - 3/4" nap length
  • 5 gallon bucket and a roller grid. roller grid
 A roller grid slips inside a 5 gallon pail for easy loading of a roller. Roller pans are a paint spill waiting for a place to happen. They fall off ladders, its too easy to step backwards into them, and children and pets cannot seem to avoid tipping them over.


Pull all furniture away from the walls toward the center of the room about 3' or so and cover everything with plastic or canvas dropcloths. Cover the floor with additional dropcloths and newspapers. Take all mirrors, pictures, photos, etc., off the walls. Remove or cover with plastic all ceiling fans and light fixtures.

If you are using Hy-Tech insulating paint additive, pour all your paint into a larger container and slowly mix in the additive until well blended. A slight thickening of the paint will result from the addition of the additive and you may need to thin it with up to a pint of water per gallon. Or use Acri-Flow, the latex paint reducer/enhancer for improved flow and durability.

You can choose to use either Hy-Tech Insulating Ceiling Paint #110, a dripless highly insulating pre-mixed paint,  Hy-Tech Acousti Coat #150, a heavy bodied sound deadening coating, or pour your paint into an empty 5 Gallon pail and insert the roller grid.

Now pour 2" or so of your paint into a 1-2 gallon work bucket and paint a 2" or 3" strip at the top where the ceiling meets the wall starting in the corner. This is called a "cutting in" and allows you to roll up close to the wall. Cut in around the light fixtures and ceiling fans. Insert your roller grid into the bucket and run your roller down into the paint 2-3 times until it is fully "loaded".


Two coats are recommended for maximum heat reduction so the first coat should be rolled at right angles to the windows and the finish coat rolled in the same direction as you would enter the room from. With the roller lines running from the entry into the room towards the window you are less likely to see "roller tracks".

When finished clean your tools, pick up debris and start enjoying your energy savings!