The Best Sound Insulating Paint

Purchasing sound insulating paint can be a very efficient and effective method of reducing the sound in rooms. We provide paint for two different purposes. For one, we provide paint that is designed to keep sound insulated and confined to a room. Secondly, we offer paint that is designed to prevent sound from leaking through the walls and into other rooms. The thick rubber coating of this paint prevents vibrations from emitting sound to other rooms in a building. 

Both options of paint that we offer in our online store are proven to be highly effective methods of impacting the volume of sound in a given room. The process of putting new walls in a room or adding sound barriers on the wall can be a time-consuming job. It requires a bit of renovation and it may require a unique team with the skill set to do it. Meanwhile, applying our paint to your walls will do the same job, but for a cheaper price and it requires a lot less planning and skill. This sound insulating paint deadens the echo of sounds from the room and will you save you the money and effort of having to install sound deadening walls.

As its name suggests, Acousti-Coat is a thick and cushiony coating meant to absorb noise. This product was developed to lessen the effects of echo and annoyingly high-pitched noises. It is perfect for movie theaters, boardrooms, worship halls, and convention centers. For the recommended two applications, one gallon will cover 50 square feet. Therefore, unless you're just covering 50 square feet, you'll need more than one gallon. This paint has ThermaCels built right in, so adding more ThermaCels additives will not improve this product. Keep in mind that it can be colored to a light or medium hue using any conventional coloring agent. You can paint over it to make it darker, but you'll need to use cheap and flat interior paint. Sealing the surface of the "sound sponge" with high-quality paint will reduce its effectiveness.

Of all the DIY methods of reducing the sound vibrations in a room, using sound insulating paint is perhaps the easiest project. And you may think that because the application process is easy, the final product will not be great, but that is false. We judge the quality and strength of our paint on results. The paint’s sound deadening technology does not have any odor and it will not harm the foundation of the walls to which it is applied. It will also dry fairly quickly after application and it is difficult to stain. 

Besides offering high-quality sound insulating paint for walls, our catalog also features sound insulating paint for ceilings. Sound-proofing your ceiling is an underappreciated and sometimes forgotten aspect of making a room completely soundproof. Just like our wall paint, our ceiling paint will provide you will all the previously mentioned benefits above. Visit our website and find out which paint will provide you with the insulation that you need for your walls and ceilings.