Paint Additives, House Painting Supplies and Sundries

Oxygen Bleach: The all natural Super Stain Remover.
2 lb Pkg Oxygen Bleach $18.00.
5 lb Pkg Oxygen Bleach $35.00.

Wood Bleach and Brightener (oxalic acid).
1 lb Pkg Wood Bleach $12.00.
2 lb Pkg Wood Bleach $20.00.
6 lb Pkg Wood Bleach $54.95.

TSP - Trisodium Phosphate All purpose cleaner/de greaser.
1 lb TSP $4.95.
5 lb TSP $18.50.

Boric Acid-Natural way to get rid of Ants, Fleas,Roaches,Silverfish and more.
2 lb Boric Acid $16.50.
5 lb Boric Acid $35.00.

House Wash: Removes dirt, chalk, grease and other contaminants including mold and mildew from surfaces. Formulated with ingredients to keep the solution "wetter" longer, rinses clean, No harsh chemicals.
One pound makes two (2) Gallons of mix which covers 200-400 sq ft., depending on porosity of surface.
House Wash- 2 1/2 Pound tub -$19.50 (7.80 lb).
House Wash- 5 Pound tub -$29.95 (5.99 lb).
House Wash- 10 Pound tub -$53.00 ( 5.30 lb).

Acriflow: The latex paint reducer / enhancer that makes paint flow and level out smoothly.
Reduce latex paint while actually Increasing its durability - 1 QT-$11.95 ~ 1 Gallon-$39.95 ~ 5 Gallons-$179.95.

Flame Guard: Flame Spread Treatment. This powdered additive Makes Latex Paint Flame Resistant.
Protect Your Home and Family - $15.00 per 6 oz Pkg.

Flame Resist: Clear, water base, non-toxic flame retardant treatment for wood, paper and fabric. $75.00 per Gallon.

23" Power Paint Mixer: Use with a 3/8" drill for fast easy mixing of paint $14.95

Seam Patching Tape, Use to reinforce patching material on cracks, seams and duct work.
One 4" x 100' roll, $13.25 - Case of 12- 4" x 100' rolls, $148.75.

Polyester Mat Roll for imbedding into Roof Coatings for re-roofing flat decks.
18" X 100' Per Roll $54.25.
Polyester Mat 36" X 100'- Per Roll - $99.95.

ElastoPatch Seam Seal Heavy body elastomeric patching for roof and stucco cracks,flashing's,fasteners, duct work.
1 Quart - $12.80, 1 Gallon $29.00.

#RVBM-4 Mastic Trowel grade Fire Resistant, Vapor Barrier Mastic Use with Polyester Tape Best for duct repairs.
1 Gallon $39.95.

Prices do not include shipping