Hy Tech... Saving Energy with
"Thermal Solutions"

Dear Visitor,
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Hy-Tech and the insulating paint products.
At Hy-Tech the production and marketing of insulating paint, coatings and insulating additives for paint is not just a small part of what we do; it is all we do. Because your satisfaction with our products determines our success as a business, we are dedicated to consistently providing quality products and exceptional service.

Hy-Tech products are manufactured and distributed in East Central Florida on "The Space Coast", home of the Kennedy Space Center. From these facilities, Hy-Tech products are produced and distributed to consumers worldwide. While keeping pace with the latest advancements in paint, coating, and insulating ceramic technologies, we recently opened our state of the art R & D facility in Melbourne, FL where we continually test and fine-tune each Hy-Tech product to ensure optimum performance. New products are developed and tested in our thermal lab, applied and subjected to accelerated weathering on our testing farm and released for manufacturing only after meeting the industries most stringent guidelines for product performance.

Hy-Tech formulators and chemists, with combined experience in the coatings industry of over 70 years, developed "Ceramic Vacuum Matrix" ( CVM ) technology which is the incorporation of vacuum filled ceramic microspheres into paints and coatings by a particular method in which chemicals unite to form films so that the network becomes stronger and more resistant to being dissolved. CVM Technology is allowing us to produce paint films with higher concentrations of vacuum, insulating ceramics while also improving the overall performance and durability of the coatings.

It is unfortunate that, generally, today's world is not "consumer-friendly." From the moment you first contact Hy-Tech though, I am certain that you will recognize that we're different from the norm. With a caring attitude, all members of our team share a commitment to ensure that your needs are met promptly and with painstaking detail. Additionally, with our emphasis on energy efficient products, we have a focus on the environment and the world we all live in.

Our insulating paint products lead the industry in terms of up to the minute advancements in the insulating ceramics industry. Based upon our many years of experience, all of our products are not only designed to be extremely efficient and long lasting, they are also technologically superior to other insulating paints and paint additives. Whether it is our emphasis on roof coatings, wall coatings,ceramic additives for paints and composites, or our Hi Heat Reflective Barrier Finishes, you will find that we have more products to offer and a keener eye for performance properties and application detail than anyone else out there.
The fact is, our reputation and future depend upon it.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and consultation on your thermal reduction needs. Your home, commercial or industrial building merits the protection of our years of experience. We are anxious for the opportunity to work hard in order to gain and maintain your confidence.