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Concrete Hardener & Dust-Proofer.

DESCRIPTION: CEMSEAL is a proprietary, aqueous blend of sodium silicates, penetrating aids and defoamers formulated for application by spray, roller or brush to new or old concrete. It chemically reacts with soluble calcium compounds (free lime) and forms insoluble calcium silicates resulting in a dense, breathable, synthetic quartz-type material. Cemseal protects concrete surfaces from abrasion, freeze-thaw damage and chloride ion intrusion. It stops water seepage from either the positive or negative side of the concrete slab when the seepage is not caused by cracking or other structural flaws and will strengthen, harden, density, dustproof and waterproof concrete permanently. Unlike solvent-based, membrane-forming topical sealants, CemSeal complies with modern regulations for environmental health and safety. Since CemSeal reacts with concrete constituents, it literally becomes a part of the concrete itself, and will not flake, chip, peel, or wash away. Non-flammable, non-toxic, no-acid, no harmful fumes.

USES: CEMSEAL It is a penetrating concrete treatment and not a surface coating. It does not change the appearance of concrete because it becomes part of the concrete. It will not discolor or separate. It works equally well on old or green concrete, above or below grade, and is intended for use on poured in place walls, pre-formed tilt-ups, bridges, road surfaces, pipes, basement walls, foundations, sidewalks and piers. Can be applied to damp concrete with no running or standing water. Aids in abatement of dampness odors caused by bacteria in ground water or flood water. Bridge decks, sidewalk and street concrete to defend against road de-icing salt, freeze/thaw spalling, fertilizers. Water & Wastewater treatment facilities- tank interiors and exteriors: Protect against sewage acids & alkaline, salts, uv protection, odor protection. Bathrooms and shower floors, animal pens: To ease cleaning and eliminate odors.

BENEFITS: Complete chemical change of free lime and calcium carbonate compounds to dust free, quartz-like wear-resistant materials. Residual-free surface allows proper bond of varied paints, adhesives or toppings. Excellent chemical resistance to most organic acids, fatty oils, organic salts and petroleum products: ACIDS: Oxalic,Boric,hydrochloric 10%,Phosphoric 10-85%,Tannic, SALTS:Bromide,Sodium,Sodium Dichromate,Potassium,Nitrates,Nirites,Persulfates,Sodium Sulfite,Sodium Thiosulfate SOLVENTS & ALCOHOLS:Carbon Tetrachloride,Ethyl alcohol,Methyl alcohol,t-Butyl alcohol,Trichloroethylene,Acetone,Carbon disulfide,Glycerin,Ethylene glycol, Xylene Odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-combustible Cures, seals, hardens and dust proofs.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Apply by airless or compressed air sprayer, hand-pump-type garden sprayer, roller, brush, sponge mop. Old Concrete: Surfaces must be strictly sound and clean. All residue, oil, sealers, waxes and contaminants must be removed from surfaces for maximum penetration. Remove unsound concrete and fill holes, cracks and deteriorated areas. Apply one full wet coat and immediately follow application by light brooming to assure penetration and to avoid ponding. Keep surface saturated for 20-30 minutes. As the surface absorbs the Cemseal apply light water spray to enhance penetration and keep the Cemseal from drying on the surface. Squeegee away excess and allow to dry. Broomed Surface: Approximately 300 sq.ft./gal. (7.35 sq.m/L). Troweled Surface: Approximately 500 sq.ft./gal. (12.26 sq.m/L). Caution: Should white crystals develop it is a sign that the slab has reached maximum hardness. Immediately flush with water, brush with a stiff bristle broom and squeegee any surface water away. Allow to dry. If left exposed to traffic and an extremely durable final finish is desired, apply a second coat of CemSeal.

New Poured Concrete: Apply first coat uniformly as surface water glaze is gone at approximately 200 sq.ft. per gallon (4.9 m2/L). Maximum penetration can be achieved by applying Cemseal 1 - 2 hours after final finishing. Reapply Cemseal to areas that absorb the sealer. Keep the slab saturated with Cemseal for thirty to forty-five minutes, working it into the concrete by brooming. Apply a light water spray to the treated area to finalize penetration and dissolve any remaining Cemseal. After the saturation period, squeegee away the excess Cemseal. Remove or spread excess with squeegee, rags, sponge mop. May rinse with water at any time after applying. Not suitable for clay brick or other clay based products. Do not puddle or allow to dry on the surface.

HEALTH, SAFETY AND HANDLING: KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Avoid contact with skin. Protective clothing is recommended. Contact areas should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. Avoid contact with eyes. Protective goggles are recommended in case of splashing. Flush eyes with water if contact occurs. Avoid ingestion of material. If ingestion occurs, contact a poison center or physician. Additional precautions, safety information and first aid treatments are contained in the Material Safety Data Sheet. CEMSEAL will etch glass and painted surfaces. Immediately wash off with water all overspray from glass and painted surfaces. Caution: Surfaces wet with CEMSEAL may result in a slippery surface.

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