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Clear Acrylic Bonding Agent and Sealer for Masonry and Stucco
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Chalk Locker #10 Clear Masonry Surface Conditioner.

Chalk Locker is a waterborne, high binding acrylic base waterproofing sealer that is especially formulated to penetrate deeply into the surface forming a tough, water proof yet flexible and breathable film.

For use as a pre treatment prior to applying any coating to a surface in poor, soft condition, it locks down any remaining paint chalk after washing and penetrates deeply into the surface providing a sound, clean foundation for finish coats of paint. Milky when wet and dries slightly opaque, not recommended as an uncoated finish product.

Recommend Uses and Application:
  • Previously painted cement, concrete block and stucco which may have some chalk remaining after washing. New cement and stucco-Neutralizes the alkali and seals the surface allowing for proper spreading of the top coats.
  • Rough sawn exterior wood siding. Locks down the "fuzz" on abraded wood siding and stops the suction of the wood.
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. Can also be applied with a typical pump up type garden tank sprayer. Simply wet down plants bushes and other areas like concrete walks and apply the sealer, rinse off any over spray with hose before it dries.
  • Fast easy cleanup while wet with soap and water, environmentally friendly, and insurance of a trouble free topcoat application.
  • Chalk Locker is NOT reinforced with ceramics and is intended for use where insulation properties are not required such as when you are going to be top coating a surface with one of our Insulating finish Paints.

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