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Shields All #50
All purpose Clear Sealer.

SHIELDS-ALL is a clear, 100% acrylic water repellent, sealer, and latex paint reinforcing additive which is formulated to provide superior protection from moisture penetration and the effects of weathering on a variety of properly prepared substrates.

Once applied it may be painted over with any type of paint or coating and may also be tinted and used as a latex stain for wood surfaces. Shields All may be mixed with any latex paint or stain to improve the flow properties and weather ability at a ratio of 1 part Shields All to 10 parts paint. Shields All cleans up easily when wet with water, is non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation.

Mildew Resistant Interior or Exterior Use.

 Acrylic water repellent and sealer can be applied to a wide range of above grade, interior and exterior surfaces including: Concrete, stucco, brick, wood, masonry, metal, stone, drywall, tile, grout, Adobe, wood siding, Masonite, asphalt and fiberglass shingles, split face block, EFIS, previously painted surfaces, chalked or alkaline surfaces.

Can be applied to green masonry or concrete as a curing agent and surface conditioner to reduce alkali. In addition to providing water repellent protection, SHIELDS-ALL can be used as an under-seal/primer to promote adhesion with latex and elastomeric coatings.


SHIELDS-ALL is supplied ready to use. DO NOT THIN.
Mix thoroughly prior to use. Easily applied with a quality brush, roller, airless spray and low pressure hand pump sprayer. Always apply material to test panel prior to general application.

  • Porous Vertical Surfaces: Start first coat application at the top of the wall. Apply flood coat with a 6"-8" rundown and back-roll material into surface voids. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry.
  • Vertical Concrete Surfaces: Surfaces shall be clean and free of form oils and release agents. Start first coat application at the top of the wall. Apply saturation coat and back-roll materials. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry. 
  • Horizontal Concrete Surfaces: Apply 2 saturation coats to damp concrete to assist the curing and hardening process. Apply 1 saturation coat to existing horizontal concrete surfaces to dust proof surfaces. Remove excess standing or ponding materials with a clean roller. Brick: Apply 1 saturation coat with run-down and back-roll material. Apply second saturation coat when the first coat is dry. 
  • Caution: New brick surfaces shall be allowed to weather for 12 months prior to application of material.
  • Stucco/Plaster: May be applied to stucco or plaster during the curing process or when fully cured. Apply 1 saturation coat and back-roll materials. Apply second saturation coat when the first coat is dry. 
  • Chalked Surfaces: Apply 1 coat to chalked surfaces. Allow material to dry and check surface for chalking. Apply a second coat to surfaces as needed to control remaining surface chalk. 
  • Wood: Surfaces shall be clean and bare. Pre-treat knots with a small amount of material. Apply a minimum of 2 saturation coats to wood surfaces. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry. 
  • Coverage: Covers approximately 75-300 square feet per gallon depending on type of application and porosity of the surface to be treated. 
  •  Dry Time: Dries to the touch in 1 - 2 hours, may be re-coated in 3 - 4 hours depending on conditions.

Clean up any spills, painting tools and equipment with warm soapy water.

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