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Hy-Tech Insul Flex elastomeric is a ceramic filled, insulating and waterproofing coating composed of heat reflecting ceramic microspheres that shield the painted surface with a thick rubber like thermal barrier. 

Elastomeric coatings look like regular paint and apply like paint but they are superior to conventional paints due to their very thick elastic dried film which has outstanding adhesion, flexibility, and water sealing characteristics.

They are applied at 5 times the normal thickness of regular paint and not only do they bridge hairline cracks, but they also expand and contract with temperature variations helping to prevent future hairline cracks.

While they prevent the penetration of wind driven rain, they also allow moisture vapor within the substrate to escape without blistering or peeling the paint.

InsulFlex   elastomeric wall coating is blended with Hy-Tech Insulating Ceramic Microspheres which helps it to insulate and reduce sound transfer. The high resin content and mildewcides give you a coating that beautifies, is chalk resistant, offers superior mildew resistance and has very good color retention.

Recommend Uses and Application:

  • An excellent choice for concrete and stucco structures which are prone to cracking such as stucco and wire lath construction, foam board and stucco, concrete block structures, poured in place and preformed concrete.
  • Long lasting, 8-20 years
  • Hides flaws...fills minor holes and hairline cracks
  • Alkaline resistant and efflorescence resistant
  • Breathable coating....allows moisture vapor to escape
  • Outstanding Dirt Resistance
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray.
  • Fast easy cleanup while wet with soap and water, environmentally friendly, long lasting flexible waterproofing protection.

Spread Rate: 100-150 sq ft per Gal (for each coat) depending on surface texture and porosity.
Two coats are required for best results, and should be applied over a properly primed and prepared surface.
Available in 1 Gal and 5 Gal containers
1 Gallon: $39.95...5 Gallon: $199.75

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