What Do you Want to Paint?

Types of Paint:
Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Enamel...What is the difference and which one is the best choice for your application?

Paint Interior Ceilings:
Hy-Tech insulating ceiling paints reduce the transfer of heat from your attic to the inside of your home, and in winter they keep the heat within the room.

Use insulating ceramic paint to reduce heat that is transferred through your exterior walls.

Paint Attic with heat reflecting paint:
Use Radiant Barrier Coating to reduce the heat that builds up in your attic!

Paint House Roof with Insulating Paint:
Insulate, restore, and preserve any existing roof with Hy-Tech Ceramic roof coatings, metal, asphalt shingles, cement, wood.

Paint Mobile Home or RV Roof:
Insulate, waterproof, and soundproof with our special "Bus-Kote".

Paint Exterior Stucco and Masonry:
Reflect the heat away before it saturates your exterior walls with Insul-Flex Elastomeric Wall Coating.

Paint Exterior Wood,Metal and Vinyl siding:
Add Insulation to your exterior siding.

Wood Decks:
Clean, Stain, Seal, Finish.

Remember- You Can use Hy-Tech insulating ceramic paint additives in ANY Paint to paint ANY Surface.