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Acrylic Insulating White Pigmented Primer
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Insulating Primer #14
Latex All Purpose Primer

Hy-Tech Insulating Primer is a high quality, white pigmented latex primer sealer, fortified with insulating ceramics which provides outstanding insulating values along with a uniform, easy to apply flat priming finish. The heavy loading of Hy-Tech insulating ceramic microspheres introduces a very slight suede texture to the coating which helps to hide surface imperfections while providing a firm, well sealed surface for a top coat of finish paint.

The insulating primer is one of our most beloved and effective products. Our customers have been raving for years about how efficiently this product can be used to finish and seal a coat of paint. When you add a new layer of paint to your wall or ceiling, the last thing you want is for the paint to have blemishes in it and then erode and deteriorate in a year. Investing in a high-quality insulating primer will help protect your fresh paint coating from the wear and tear of everyday activities. This insulating primer can be used on many different surfaces, but still, check the product description to confirm that it is compatible with the surface that you’re painting. Overall, you get great value from this primer because it can be used for various projects due to its versatility. 

#14 Insulating Primer is for use on new or in poor condition wall and ceiling surfaces including, plaster, drywall, wood, concrete, brick and masonry and may be top coated with either latex or oil based topcoats. Rust should be cleaned and primed with any of the Hy-Tech rust inhibiting treatments. 
May be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless spray.

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