R-values are measured by testing laboratories who use, ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) procedures. Existing test procedures require that the sample submitted be 1" thick therefore paints and coatings cannot be tested using established test methods. Tests have been performed on 1" thick materials with a known R value and then compared with the same material coated with insulating ceramic reinforced paints and the difference between the two is equal to an average of 35% reduction of heat transfer. This is supported by the customer feedback we receive.

A paint coatings ability to breath is known as "Permeability" which is a measurement of the rate that water or vapor will pass through a membrane. Ceramic filled paints do not restrict a paint coatings ability to "breath.

All our ready mixed paints come to you in a bright white, tintable base only. You can have the paints tinted locally to the color of your choosing in pastel and mid range colors. Our paints will accept all universal tints and this way you can see the exact color you are getting and make any necessary adjustments.

Yes! The heat inside your home wants to escape toward the cold outside air! A paint film with Hy-Tech reflective ceramics will help stop this outward heat loss and help to lower your heating bills.

Our ceramic additive works with any brand of interior and exterior paint. The Hy-Tech line of ready mixed paints have the insulating ceramics included in them, simply open the can and brush away your high power bills.

For best results 2 coats of paint are recommended to insure an even distribution of the ceramics.

Yes! For the optimum in energy efficiency it is best to use Insulating paints both inside and out, however either application alone will increase your energy efficiency!

Packages are pre measured for 1 Gal, 2 Gal and 5 Gallons of paint. Money saving bulk packaging is available also. You can figure on an average coverage rate of 250-300 sq. ft. per gallon for most house paints on smooth surfaces.

Yes! Simply remove all filters from your spray equipment (or they will strain out the additive) and use a slightly larger spray tip than normal. Recommended tip sizes are .019 - .025. Wagner spray equipment (the "power painter" handhelds) and power rollers will not work as they do not produce enough pressure. Airless paint sprayers, from any manufacturer, that will produce at least 2500 psi and support the tip sizes listed will spray the material quite easily.

Hy-Tech ceramic additive is free of all Volatile chemicals and toxins and is recognized as safe ("GRAS"), under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Non-toxic, odor free, and environmentally friendly.

Complete instructions are included with every order. The ceramics are a very fine powder and blend into paint quite easily with a simple stirring using a paint paddle. The addition of ceramics to your paint will thicken it slightly and you may have to add a little water ( up to 1 pint ) to bring the paint back to a useable consistency. We recommend thinning with our Acriflow, the latex paint reducer/enhancer that turns any paint into a "Premium Paint". Improves adhesion, durability and flow properties of Any Paint!

Absolutely! By restricting the amount of heat allowed into your attic you reduce the load on your existing insulation making it more effective. Mix into any good grade of interior wood primer. We have formulated a specific ready mixed product just for attics, Hy-Tech #85 Barrier Coat Radiant heat barrier paint coating gives you all the insulating properties of ceramics Plus the added benefit of pure ground aluminum pigment for added reflectivity. #85 Barrier Coat is a ready mixed ceramic filled paint, not an additive. Caution: We have seen websites on the internet stating that you can take insulating ceramic additives and add them to "left over" paint to use in your attic. We strongly suggest you not try this. "Left over" paints are not designed to adhere to dry, very absorbent wood decking and you might end up with a big peeling mess. Only use a factory mixed wood primer or our special formula for attic decking, Barrier Coat the insulating ceramic filled latex paint containing UV heat blocking properties of reflective, metallic aluminum pigments.

Hy-Tech offers a complete line of insulating roof coatings which can be applied to any roof, asphalt shingles, cement tile, single ply...ANY Roof material

The ceramics are not crystal clear and thus impart a slightly "milky" look when used with clear finishes. This is not so obvious on light colored roof shingles or wood stained finishes. Our best advice is to mix in the ceramics a little at a time until you reach a finish that is acceptable.

The insulating additive will help keep the deck cooler while providing a slightly slip resistant surface.

Of course not and anyone that tells you they can is not telling the truth. The results depend on how many areas of your home you apply the various products to. Other considerations include; amount of attic ventilation, amount of air infiltration into your home,type of roofing materials,existing insulation and on and on. We can guarantee you that for the 3-4 cents per sq ft it costs for Hy-Tech Insulating Additive you will not find a better solution to your high utility bills for that price.

We are currently setting up distributors worldwide, for now we ship from our plant in Florida,