Insulating Roof Paint - Cool Coatings
Elastomeric Roof Paints.

Hy-Tech Cool Roof Coatings are high-performance, water-based coatings which are designed to insulate,seal, restore and protect roof surfaces. These thick rubber like ceramic reinforced paints adhere well over metal roofs, wood, shingle roofs, built-up roofs with dried-out asphalt or aluminum coatings, foam insulation, polyester plastic panels, concrete, and cement tiles and many single ply roofing materials.


Installation ease, with Hy-Tech Roof Coatings you don't have to tear off and dispose of your old roof. This can be a major advantage because tear-offs and landfill disposal can dramatically increase installation costs, sometimes as much as 50% of the total roofing job. Tear-offs are costly and can also result in interior water damage during installation.

Weight savings. Hy-Tech Roof Coatings are well-suited for application over an existing roof and they are up to 10 times lighter than traditional materials, so there's minimal weight or stress on your building.

Save the environment. No fumes from tar, solvent-based glues, or hazardous materials to take to the landfill.

Durability, Hy-Tech Insulating Roof Paints offer superior mildew resistance, soundproofing, UV reflectivity, and are resistant to ozone, acid rain and other air-borne contaminants.

Energy savings, are a big plus with Hy-Tech Roof Coatings. The insulation and reflective properties provide a built-in thermal barrier against winter cold and summer heat, which can reduce heating and air conditioning costs.

In tests conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white reflective roof coatings saved up to 50% in energy costs. Savings will vary depending upon roof assembly, insulation thickness, roof area and climate.


* Mobile Home Roofs * Metal Buildings * Shipping Containers * Truck and Cargo Transportation Vehicles * Hangers and Industrial buildings *Buses-RV's-Mobile Homes *Barns and Animal Shelters * Grain Bins * Modular Homes * Metal Storage Tanks.

Energy savings can add up quickly paying you back for choosing Hy-Tech energy-saving, seamless, insulating ceramic, roof coatings. Of course you can always replace your roof with the same asphalt roofing systems that we have always used, high heat absorbing, quick to dry out and crack, requires imported oil and not at all friendly to the environment, roof tear off's are putting a real strain on our nations landfills.