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Super Hi-Build Sound Reducing Coating
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Hy-Tech SC#1000 Sound Control Coating.

SC#1000 is a non-toxic water based sound and vibration absorbing coating blended with sound absorbing pigments and Hy-Tech Ceramic microspheres in a Viscoelastic resin. (Visco-elastic means that a material exhibits elastic and viscous properties allowing for better absorption of shocks.)

SC#1000 combines sound absorption, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics. In addition, SC#1000 is a very effective acoustic damper and absorbed. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, SC#1000 combines all of them in an easy to apply, non-toxic water base coating with a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range.

A waterborne, high build formula that apply 5 times thicker than regular coatings SC#1000 offers ceramic microsphere insulation and soundproofing combined with excellent adhesion.

Unlike heavy mats which only add mass and lower the intensity of sound doing nothing for vibration, SC#1000 removes noise and unwanted vibrations by converting them into low grade heat and by adding lightweight mass. What happens is the back and forth vibrations, or mechanical energy, are converted to low level thermal energy or heat thereby providing structural resonance and impact noise deterrence, this is "Viscoelastic" conversion.

The low level heat is restricted by the hollow ceramic micro spheres. SC# 1000 is made to stop structure borne noises. Use it on noisy machines, metal studs and framing, motor cabinets and housings, vehicle body panels, boats, buses, RV's, airplanes, A/C equipment and ductwork, anywhere that is a major source of noise, vibrations or motion.

Our sound control paint coating will change the way that you soundproof rooms. You will no longer have to go through the struggle of applying padding and other more expensive noise-canceling options.  Overall, water-based paints are a great choice for most painting projects due to their ease of use and environmentally friendly nature. They are particularly well-suited for indoor projects and for those who are looking for a quick-drying, low-VOC option. Water-based paints also dry more quickly than oil-based paints, which means that multiple coats can be applied in a shorter amount of time. They also tend to be more flexible, which makes them less likely to crack or peel over time.

Environmentally safe, for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Light off white in color.
  • Non-Toxic water base for easy soap and water cleanup.
  • Low Odor.
  • Non volatile, does not support combustion.
  • Coating will not crack, peel or chip.
  • Thixotropic (resists sagging).
  • Temperature range 40 to 350 ºF.

  • Prepare surface by thoroughly cleaning to remove dirt, grease, loose and peeling paint, and other foreign materials, especially mold, mildew and algae.
  • SC#1000 is fortified with mildewcides and will resist mildew growth but will not kill existing mildew already on the surface.
  • Apply only to a sound, well-prepared surface.
  • Rusted areas need to be primed with a rust inhibiting primer.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Stir SC#1000 well before using. Do not thin, use product as is. It is essential that the surface is clean and dry and free of all moisture. Do not apply when temperatures are below 40ºF or when humidity is very high. Drying time, (approximately 2 to 4 hours), will vary depending on temperature, humidity and location. Apply using brush, roller or airless sprayer with a minimum tip size of .030 all filters removed. Spread uniformly. Wait at least 24 hours before applying a second coat. 

Clean up immediately after use, while still wet, with warm soapy water.
APPROXIMATE COVERAGE: 75-100 sq.ft./gal.

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