As part of HY-TECH's ongoing public awareness efforts, we would like to remind you of the dangers of spontaneous combustion. A number of common materials such as linseed oil, alkyd enamel resins, and drying oils can ignite spontaneously under certain circumstances.

The only HY-TECH products which may contain these ingredients include Metal Shield, Auto Guard, and EcoPel Wood Oil.

Spontaneous combustion can occur when towels, rags, booth filters, paint scrapings, steel wool, masking and other materials wetted or saturated with these products are not handled or disposed of properly. Saturated rags, filters and other materials can combust spontaneously when the oils or resins generate enough heat through auto-oxidation to exceed the ignition temperature of the rags or other materials. Spontaneous combustion can begin without any flame, spark, heat or other ignition source. Saturated rags, filters and other materials contaminated with the coating material should not be disposed of in regular waste containers. To dispose of these materials properly, thoroughly wet the contaminated materials with water and place them loosely inside a separate, sealed metal container.
You should always consult the MSDS and label for the product you are using to identify those products that may present a spontaneous combustion hazard.

This Public Awareness Bulletin contains information for review by HY-TECH's customers. In providing this bulletin, HY-TECH makes no warranties, express or implied, and assumes no liability or responsibility arising out of its use. It is the responsibility of each customer, re-seller and end user of HY-TECH's products to independently ascertain that their practices are legal, appropriate and constitute sound product stewardship. This bulletin is general in nature and is not intended to address site or product-specific issues. Approaches to different issues may vary depending on individual circumstances. This Product Awareness Bulletin is not intended to define or create legal rights or obligations. It is the responsibility of each customer, re-seller and end user to comply with federal state and local laws. February 15, 2004. Please contact HY-TECH at (321) 984-9777 with Product Safety questions.