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Acri Flow #75 Latex Paint Conditioner.

Acriflow Latex Paint Thinner with Punch!

Acriflow is a special acrylic polymer resin that when added to any paint increases that paint's flow properties and durability. Ordinary water base latex and acrylic paint and paints that are made thicker due to the addition of Hy-Tech Insulating Additive can now be reduced for better brushing and leveling while increasing the paint's chemical properties.

When you add Acriflow to paint, you increase that paint's durability and chemical properties allowing ordinary paint to perform as a top of the line "Premium Paint!" . Thinning latex paints with water can reduce their durability, use Acriflow and your paint will last longer and apply smooth and easy

Acriflow is ideal for faux finishes.It is used to slow down the dry time of latex paints during hot or windy drying conditions. It may also be used to increase the wet edge time of latex paints, thus minimizing lapping problems.

Question: How much do I need?

Answer: We recommend you add as much as you need to allow the paint to apply smoothly, normally 1 pint per gallon is sufficient but this will vary from brand to brand. Be sure painting surface is clean and free of dust and debris. Mix paint thoroughly. Start with 1 pint per gallon. Use up to 1 quart of Acriflow for each gallon of paint.


An example of a solvent whose name suggests its primary use is paint thinner. The term "paint thinner" is commonly used to refer to a solvent that can be used to effectively remove paint and/or dilute it. When it comes to oil-based paints, varnishes, and enamels, paint thinner is by far the most used paint solvent for thinning. It works well as a solvent for cleaning brushes, rollers, and spray tools. The brushing properties of the paint will be enhanced, and it can be used to clean surfaces and components before painting. A paint thinner can be a very important part of any job that involves multiple layers of paint. 

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